When I learned that our lives are the creation of our mind…


In the photo, I’m the little caramel baby girl in denim, with the ridiculous glasses that I ended up not needing but some eye doctor convinced my parents to force on me. Gotta love his efforts to use me in his pursuit of a little extra funds from the state..

but this is not about that…

When I was 8 years old, our third grade teacher decided to have our class work on producing a play. The play was based on a story we had read as a group, so we were all familiar with the characters. I made it very clear that I wanted the role of “Woman.”

Now contrary to what her name sounds like, she was not a simple character. She was the powerhouse wife and one of the 3 primary roles. The other 2 primary roles were “Man” and “Narrator.”

There were a few other smaller roles. My favorite of those was “Donkey.” 🙂

But again, I had made it clear, “I am the Woman.”

No one else made any claims to the role. No one even asked for it, so I had no doubt I’d get the part. Until…

the teacher decided to give the role of Woman to someone else, and told me she’d like me to be the narrator.

Narrator! So what if the narrator had just as many lines as the Woman. I clearly stated what I wanted.


I mumbled that I really didn’t want to be the narrator, and left it alone.

The next day the teacher called me and the other girl to the side. She was the girl that was chosen to be the Woman. Our teacher said, “I’ve decided that you two will share the roles of Woman and Narrator. For the first half you will do one role, and for the second half you will do the other.”

That seemed ridiculously complicated but we agreed.

In the end though, the other girl really didn’t want to be the Woman anyway, and I was allowed to do the role in its entirety.


The result is that I rocked it! I knew all of my lines AND all the lines for the Man. It’s a good thing I did, because my co-star David kept forgetting his lines and I had to whisper them to him. ( 🙂 fun moment)

So why did I share this story?

Because I go back to that place regularly when I want to remember that I can insist on what I want… that I can achieve what I want… that if I do my best at what I’m doing in the present, it will lead toward increase and opportunities.


I read that in a fortune cookie in adulthood, and I kept this one too. Matter of fact, it sits on my keyboard at work as a daily reflection. And when I see it, I remember this little caramel drop that insisted with confidence on getting what she wanted and deserved.



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