Pepsi and Kendall, Do This Instead of Apologizing

Disclaimer: The Kardashians and Jenners annoy me. Always have.

Nevertheless, I do not think Kendall should just apologize for the PEPSI AD. Because apologies mean nothing if there is no follow-up action to set things right.

This is what she and Pepsi need to do.

I get that Pepsi wanted a lighthearted approach to discussing our movement for equality and security for all. And yes, the cookie-cutter images are drowning in watered down cultural moments. But this is a TEACHING MOMENT for Pepsi and other companies.

Yes they absolutely could have done more to express the GRAVITY of the issue. They should have included scenes where a young black man was being “STOPPED AND FRISKED” and shown snippets of footage related to STANDING ROCK and the SYRIAN REFUGEES.

Then show footage of REAL protests and have the Pepsi protestors stop and hold a vigil for the lost. Show us the faces of the loved ones we’ve lost.

But Pepsi, I get it. You thought dancers and musicians would breathe lighthearted energy, but THIS MOVEMENT is not lighthearted. We are serious.

But let’s not tell Pepsi to stop trying. They can do better and they should.

While they could have done more than have dancers celebrate and music played, it looks like a message about how important it is to unite and keep pushing, and that you never know what moment or action will be the turn around for an individual.

So I feel like Pepsi tried to voice a political message but they did so awkwardly. They remind me of a kid just learning to play a new sport. Only they’re a group of adults at work being told to produce an ad, and instead of seeking out “coaches” from among us in the movement, they ran into the game totally unprepared.

BUT AT LEAST THEY SAID SOMETHING, at least they tried.

Instead of chopping off their hand for the effort, perhaps we could guide them in choosing better. Perhaps we could say “Let one of us, out here fighting for justice design an ad that makes a bold political statement.”

To the people of Pepsi, I say this, you had the right intention, you simply didn’t give it the attention and power the statement deserves. Don’t half-step if you’re going to come with it. Say it loud. Don’t whisper it.



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