Another example why I can’t accept the man-bashers

Sharing THIS for 2 reasons:

1st: It reminds me of the photo someone managed to get of what Abner Hearn and other men did during the floods after Katrina in NOLA. The beauty of masculinity in action.

2nd: because of what the writer TorahCents had to say (pasted below)

“This photo explains one huge reason why I can never align myself with modern day feminists…

I am by nature a woman…who isn’t ashamed to admit that I’m vulnerable, fragile and I seek the protection and care from the men in my life.

When I cry out for help I’m looking for them to come to my rescue.

I don’t have time to fight against men because I’m too busy trying to BUILD with them.

I don’t have time to try to BE a man because I wasn’t BUILT like them.

Real talk tho…and Dusty low-grade dudes aside…

When you reject masculinity…Not only are you rejecting your protection, you are subconciously rejecting yourself.”

#Houstonfloods #PrayforHouston #femininekeys #Katrina #NewOrleans #HumanistBeforeFeminist 


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