The Difference Between a Dreamer and a Visionary

So you think you’re a visionary? We can all use a tool to measure our own level of productivity. Here’s one of mine.

The 2 Differences and the 2 Strategies to make sure you are doing more than just “dreaming.

waiting room

1 Dreamers stay in the waiting room of their ideas, waiting for some outside force to bring about the change or opportunity they “want.” I put want in quotes because I have a firm belief that when you want something yo pursue it, not just talk and dream about it.

2 Dreamers make-believe they are busy growing their dreams into reality. while  Visionaries decide what actions are worth their time and which are wastes.

How do you make sure you are a Visionary and not just a Dreamer?

Here’s how:

waiting room 2

1 Get out the waiting room!!!

The space where you are envisioning the outcome of your vision is what I call the “waiting room.” Somewhere there is  a sweet little baby Vision but you can’t see or touch or grow it UNTIL you get out the damn waiting room.

Waiting rooms are cool while the baby Vision is in the maternity ward for check ups to ensure it’s ready to leave the hospital, but some of yall stay in that waiting room in hopes that somebody will come guide your hand and let you enjoy the rewards of a fully developed child with all the maturity and ease already developed.

THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Somebody else is going to raise your vision, and you’ll still be stuck inside those 4 walls … dreaming

BUT WAIT A MINUTE… some times the actions you are doing are NOT going to produce results.

Sometimes people do the “5 year old clean up” strategy or the “8 year old rushing through homework” process. In other words you move really fast, or wave your arms around, or draw and doodle, or read and dabble, but never actually GROW anything.

and some people think what they’re doing is productive even if there are little to no results. When that 5 year old throws toys around, all he ends up with is a mess, but he “felt” busy.


2 Do some chemistry on it.

litmus test

There is a great thing called a LITMUS test. It measures if a substance is either an acid or a base. Scores range from 1 (acid) to 14 (base).

Let’s imagine the same thing for “wasteful” to “productive” as the scale. Answering questions like these will determine if you should or should not give time to this action.

a) How likely is this action to produce results in a short time?

b) Is this action going to create profit now?

c) Am I independently providing for myself? (I say independently, because if you’re financial foundation is based on anything besides YOUR WORK, you are standing on a fragile and unreliable foundation)

d) After I have my basic living needs covered, is this an action that can grow my business? Grow my bank account? Grow my art?

e) Is this knowledge coming from an experienced source?

f) Have I tried this action before? If I did, was it beneficial or did I not get the results I wanted and needed?

Now tell me and yourself, are the things you spend time on “productive” or “wasteful.”

I want to see your baby Visions grow into fully developed adults that you can boast about and who can return the love by providing for you in return.

grow up strong


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