Genetic Patois – the revision of a previous poem that became something new


Not really so rare in combination as you may think

This genetic interpretation

of wings that meet from thousands of miles from their origins

but still connected to the center of humanity

What I see as the mingling of birds migrating

has been called weakening of the species

or betrayal of origins for mixing with “others”

creating a beauty undefined, exoticized,

forced to choose sides from what is united inside

Like the Patois lingo your temporally limited temporal lobes refuse

to see the connection to Tower of Babel stories once told to capture

the experience for the masses

we the seeds of trees of undetected beginnings,

the physical interpretations

of what you call “gibberish”

We are genetic patois


Can you speak me, interpret, translate, … write me.

Decipher me

like ancient carvings inside some ten thousand year old sarcophagus

Can you accept that I am undefined within these modern times?

I am a physical puzzle so you wanna sample a mixture

like I’m a mixed drink of liquors, a recipe that bar tender keeps locked away

while you’re sitting on warm sandy beaches in some island in the middle of nowhere with a name you can’t pronounce

Swear you’re seeing visions of harem belly dancer girls with hints of jasmine holding your lungs into submission and this hallucination got you dizzying

like salsa and meringue beats vibrating up your thighs to the center of your seeds

shaking vibrating cause you’re on the verge of eruption

Can you… wake the fuck up

My purpose was not to be strapped down to your visual pornographic buffet

And our sexuality is not to be used as justification for the metaphorical and literal castration

Of our right to multiply our branches

We are symbolically and realistically linked to the trees from our lands of origins

As you cut down and maim these safe havens of our ancestor’s traditions and healing powers

Mirrors the efforts you’ve taken to destroy the fruit and roots of our wombs


The global liberation is locked inside the prison your ancestors trapped your minds in

Solitary confinement

Of fear of what lies outside your white walls

And peaking out through small window inside the stalls of your life

You want to touch the warmth of the sun, to run wild and free

But they have sold you this captivity as the only way to be

While that 1% sits high on mountaintops away from the masses of you and me

So you place the cultural creativity of we onto white forms for your own consumption

And you hold the flow of resources in fear that sharing means deprivation will flow back your way

And the 1% again looks down into the chaos reveling in our inability to ascend mountains

Because we are drowning inside the bloody fountains

No need for vampires and werewolves

This is an internal genocide of the poor against the poor

Your white walls are an illusion of separation, assuming your fate is protected from the wounds you’ve inflicted on others

This Karma is ocean and you are swimming in the same waters as we…


I get lost inside a vision when I sit poised in my favorite pose of meditation

Beside the waters that feed us all

This vision of freedom of choice and egalitarianism as the norm

In this space black brown white yellow and red know no sense of different treatment inside the public sphere

Inside this space, we are all loosed of our chains and pains here

We learn a simple song in all our primary schools…

“We are the seeds of ancient trees, What is new in you, is beautiful to me, Together we live in harmony, Free to be you and free to be me”

And we live this creed with every breath we breathe

In this vision I see economic opportunity on every street, in every city, and all the colors are represented in balance at every station and location

I see public need is free to be attended, healthcare, education, and security are defended

In this space, no wars are needed, as every land is in control of its own possessions

And the market is fairly decided by the people, not the greedy corporate hoarders

and borders, are no longer rigid fixtures lynching our freedom of movement

more like reminders of past times for history’s reminiscence

Because this balance is treasured and no enemy is tolerated

And all voices are given the stage when requested

That space is open to all humanity, regardless of physical form or ability

This is the land I see when my spirit ascends to some future space of possibility


And when they ask

How I could be so naïve I throw a mirror up to reflect the past

The rebellions, revolutions, and movements that battled on the surface of our existence

To erode away at these systems

I recall how the Genetic Patois emerged consistently proving

that man cannot divide what God has bound

We the mixtures, like sledgehammers to the brick and mortar of racialized systems

These flood waters and tsumanis of the entrapped who refused to accept the abuse

Of any part of God’s anointed creation

You see an entity that lives behind curtains, projecting shadows onto walls like Mulan’s dragon Mooshoo or the Wizard of Oz.

Objects are much smaller than they appear inside that house of mirrors

Knowledge of history and of human psychology and possibility will correct your vision

The procedure is physically painless

And your spiritual liberation is the only side effect

No need for health insurance or out of pocket expenses

Your treatment has been paid in full by the blood of generations spilled

Libraries and schools, pharmacies

Discussions with others, the only needed strengthening therapy

The streets of actions, the gym membership is free

The times we spend together, the sanctuary

Sometimes we get separated along the ride

But no matter how this revolution unfolds or where it takes us, love

I promise we’ll see each other again on the other side of this space in time


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