5 Survival Tips for the Ladies’ Room

Coming to a city near you, the new horror event: Public restrooms
Here are my 5 Survival Tips for the Ladies’ room

  1. What about the pee drops?

Most of us check the seat but… Did you ever take a close look at what’s at the edge of the toilet seat where you’re pants or even panties sometimes touch? Wipe the front edge and a little under the rim. Ewww.

There have been so many times that I saw pee left overs on the front edge and I guess it’s because of the visibility. Even your usual thoughtful “seat wiper” doesn’t check this area and most of the time there are “left-overs”

I usually take the first few sheets of toilet paper and wipe this area down before taking a squat.

Which leads me into…

  1. Who touched my toilet paper?

Did you ever pay attention to where your hands go when you get toilet paper? You touch the part you use and a lot of the time the few sheets behind that. So who do you think had their hands on those first few sheets of toilet paper you are about to use?


The last lady who was in there.

Which is why Tip 1 helps with Tip 2. If you use those to wipe the seat, they won’t touch your lady parts with left over finger bacteria from whoever was there before you.

So that reminds me ladies…

  1. Check the seat for your own pee before you leave.

If we can all take a second to check the area after we use it we could all save each other from dreaded wet seat or pee drops of other ladies on our panties. Gross! Ewww! Just saying keep your fluids to yourself, so we all can use the public facilities without fear.

But those aren’t the only drops we leave behind…

  1. Stop the floods by the sink.

This tip uses the same science as drying off IN the shower before you get out.

I hate when in a public restroom I want to set my phone or bag down so I can easily wash my hands, and gross. There’s a flood of water from the previous 50 women who were there all over the counter top!

Ladies, either clean up your water droplets OR do what I do, and grab a few paper towels ahead of time. Place them between your elbow and your side. Wash your hands, then over the sink, grab the towels and dry off there.

This way all the drops stay in the sink instead of on our shared space.

But you know… one more way we can all help each other out is… to learn from the boys.

  1. Just let it out – the gas that is

Why do most of us feel so self-conscious about passing gas IN THE BATHROOM? That’s what it was made for. I bet men don’t have any issue with letting it rip in theirs, so why do we? We can all give each other SOCIAL permission to let that air out without the “side eye.”

I’m just saying…

Take a stand for happier and healthier bathroom and restroom experiences,


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