Mangrovian #NaPoWriMo poem 5 of 30

Lydia Cabrera led me to Angel Cuadra

and Federico Garcia Lorca who lived and wrote

a lot like James Baldwin

Cuadra led me to Juana Rosa Pita

and Lorca led me to Margarita Xirgu

Cabrera led me to Gaston Baquero who was new

and Katherine Dunham danced her way into the scene

Then, Lucy Parsons rose questions

of powerful revolutionary women

and that’s how I found Lolita Lebron

She the equivalent in determination to Angela Davis and

Guevarra some might say

and Guevarra led me back to Cabrera

when Baquero said she helped define the “nuevo hombre” of Cuba

All with a shared philosophy, passion, determination…

and willingness to sacrifice

The revolution breathes life into these mangrovian trees

of you, they, and me





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