An Open Letter to Congress about the ACA (also known as ObamaCare to some)

I sent the following message to the Louisiana US Representatives and Senators. Tomorrow, I will be calling all of them. Perhaps they are unaware how perilous this decision about the ACA truly is, and perhaps many others too.



Sen. Cassidy,

My mother has worked her entire life here in Louisiana, even choosing to cut large yards in the dead heat of summer for years when other work wasn’t available. She and my father taught me the value of hard work and committing to family and community.

They never made much money but we had lots of love. Since they didn’t have a lot of income now that they are entering their 60s it’s certainly not any better. My brother and I are doing all we can to ensure they have what they need, but we can’t possibly cover their healthcare costs.

It was such a blessing when my mother FINALLY qualified for medicaid after the medicaid expansion came to Louisiana. She suffers with so much pain due to a kidney that was damaged in her childhood, and has very little hearing due to a major infection she endured at the age of 3. Between her hearing and kidney, she requires check-ups and hearing aids that are too expensive to manage.

Having access to medicaid might mean the difference between life and death for her over these next years. We all know that she won’t live forever, but Mr. Senator, she is only 58 years old today, and she adores her beautiful 10 year old granddaughter very much. Medicaid expansion has eased our fears of her illnesses progressing unchecked.

I don’t want to see this taken from her and I would hope you wouldn’t either. I implore you to NOT JUST VOTE but FIGHT WITH PASSION to protect the needs of our state. You know the people of Louisiana work hard and deserve you to do the same.

FOR THOSE UNSURE OF WHAT THE ACA ACTUALLY CONTAINED, here’s a summary of its best points:

The ACA did the following:

  1. expanded medicaid so that people like my mother could receive the healthcare they need
  2. required employers to give health insurance to those who work 30 hours or more a week
  3. provided subsidies to lower the cost of health insurance for those whose income was less than 40K a year

In other words, it made health insurance more affordable and more widely available.

Any one who says their premium went up substantially need to contact those specific providers and chastise them for abuse and then seek lower cost plans on the ACA.


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