To the Adults of This World Kids Do Not Have to Say This to You

Hi Adults,

Those of you who have children and those of you will have some someday, and to any adult who will ever provide the care, permanently or temporarily for a younger person.

They DO NOT OWE YOU A thank you.

99.99999% of parents consented to have sex or adopt which led to the role of being a parent.

Your child did not choose to be here. They are your responsibility and providing for their needs is your duty. Not a luxury bestowed upon them.

Food, shelter, clothing, education and other related items ARE REQUIRED OF YOU. When you provide something related to these the child does NOT owe you a “thank you”.

The ONLY THING this child owes you is respect. They should respect these things and not cause damage. Accidents happen, so if they damage one of these, they should certainly apologize and make restitution.

If they choose to say it on their own whim, then awesome. My daughter randomly tells me thank you for the attention I give her and love, but like I tell her, that’s my job as a mom; to instill all the best in her and I consider it an honor when I see her reflecting what I’ve taught her and built for her.

But you DO NOT GET APPLAUSE for doing your f***ing job at BASIC LEVELS.

You want accolades and praise and thank you’s??? Then GO ABOVE AND BEYOND the basics. Be “super parent”

But no sir and no ma’am Your child doesn’t owe you a damn thing for you doing your duty as their provider. Only respect and to complete whatever chores you assign.


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