DGAF-ISM (rated PG-13)

RATED: PG-13 for adult language

I believe the maxim: All things in moderation is a great guide to life; that includes how much and when you GAF.

For those who don’t know let’s establish some vocabulary:

GAF – give a fuck

DGAF – don’t give a fuck

IDGAF – I don’t give a fuck

Basically DGAF-ism is the practice of “not giving a fuck.” Now that we’ve got that straight, let’s talk about what this looks like and how to practice it in a HEALTHY MODERATION.

We obviously have to give a fuck in our lives if we are to take care of ourselves and those who are our responsibility, also if we are to ever achieve our goals we obviously need to care, right?

So that means, NO ONE can say “I have no fucks to give” and really mean this as a holistic approach to life, because once you truly have no fucks left to give, you’re on your death bed. Let’s be honest.

You DO have some fucks to give… LOL

But I believe we all need a healthy level of DGAF-ism in order to maintain our sanity and to be happy people. Here’s what my level of DGAF-ism looks like:


  • Other people’s judgments of who and when I date or any other relations involved with my romantic or sexual choices.
  • Other people’s opinions about what I’m interested in (music, clothing, hobbies, etc)
  • Other people’s lifestyles (their clothes, house, job, etc)
  • What age someone accomplished or did something, or how long it took them to finish something in comparison to my time table


I find that a lot of people who are unhappy often are basing their SELF-ASSESSMENT on a comparison to someone or some others. They are not you. They did not walk the path you did, and they are not the ones who exist inside the environment you create with your life. YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN IT. So any comparison you make to others is only going to give you FALSE INFORMATION.

You have a right to enjoy what you like, to explore what you want to, to dress how you wish, to create what you wish. The only thing that you have to avoid is harming others. that’s it.

Do you and do no harm.

THIS LEADS YOU TO GREATER SUCCESS because when you get a vision or goal, you will be able to focus on your strengths, your needs, and you’ll be targeted in taking the ACTION. When you compare to others, that’s what your focus ends up fixating on and just like with anything, if your attention is on more than one thing, you’ll take far longer to get anything done, if you can get it done at all in that state of mind.

If you are determined to race, then compare yourself, but if what you really want is to achieve something or to live joyfully, THEN FOCUS ON YOUR CENTER






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