Til Next Time

(originally written Mar 7 2010)

Here I stand, your feminine complentary
and I’m just hoping you will understand me
when i smile shyly and look away quckly
because I’m tyring to get your attention without
seeming too forward.

Here I now move my hips to a beat
bouncing from wall to wall from speakers
loud enough to quiver inside your feet
like my hands quiver when you smile back at me…

we play this flirtation… all the while knowing
we are both wanting this… to end with sweat
dripping in creases thin like hair between
our skin…
We see possibility in the demeanor
of the other.
You standing proud in a fit perfectly suited
for the kinda man I beg cupid
to move close to me.

and you notice I’m fragile and feminine…
not domineering like so many women choose to be thiese days…
we’ve got essences that lend toward compatibility

so why don’t we… just try and see
where this could lead???

See the problem is… we are damaged.
by our choices, by lover’s choices…
and can u really be sure… if what u see is pure
or just a demon in angel’s wings???
would it even be worth a fling???
So we succumb to fear that rules our minds
and go back home alone til next time.


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