Remember the necessary…

I have been doubted and denied. I am the tree growing in a forest of towering giants determined to keep the golden rays for themselves.

I have been drawn close to some pretending to be a protector who then spoke discouraging words, pouring it on me like hot oil. I’ve sought refuge inside of branches that feared my ascent would leave them alone.

I’ve cried rivers inside these roots, felt heavy soreness of lead inside my limbs. I couldn’t lift them at times.

and I could say “it’s because I’m a woman” or “it’s because I’m mixed” or “it’s because they’re racist” or “misogynist” but no matter the reasons some seem to hold me back, what I’ve learned is… ADVERSITY never stops the DETERMINED.

A degree, A job, A business, Real estate, Travel etc… if any other has done this and faced even more burdensome surroundings WHO AM I to deny the HERITAGE OF GREATNESS?

I am looking around for signs of my reach and my potential. To see the things I have not yet tried. We tend to move in spaces that are comfortable, those that are amiable and open to our entry. But there on the edge of this forest are spaces I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve heard the epic myths and been warned. Some of these verbal blockages came from the ones holding me down, and other times, those phrases came from myself.

There’s this bigger vision haunting me. There’s a warm knowing urging me onward.

The only way to continue this growth is to branch out into spaces I’ve never been, try methods I’ve never considered, and dive forward. No safety net. No guardians, at least not physical ones. I am more than just my grandmother’s physical seed. I feel her spirit speaking and inspiring me. She provided that foundation, the comfort for my development.

Some of the detractors were brought to me against my will, but others I have chosen. And in the midst of a circle of comfort and warmth, it seems the cold stinging wires pulling maintain their impact, maybe not complete but certainly partially.

That brings us here to the present again.

And I’m so hungry for it, I can taste it.

What I have to do next… is consider the things I have yet to try, to discover the solution inside the puzzle, the same way I learned to conquer math. I see the start and the finish, now I just have to create the path in between.

Life is a riddle of mathematic form.

we can get lost in the daydreaming of the future we want and forget the small necessary actions required to get there.

Don’t get distracted by your daydreams.

Like Gary Vee said, “Don’t be fancy. Just do the work”


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