NEWS FLASH: You don’t need corporations They need you

This just in: A load of bull shit is again being sold to the American people. They’d have you believe that in order to get factory jobs back in the US, we the American people would have to agree to

pay more for goods OR accept slave wages and long hours like we did before WWI and II.

But that, my friends is a LOAD OF CRAP.

Corporations need US, We do NOT need them.

  1. if no one buys their products or makes them, they don’t have shit.
  2. what product or service do you really need to survive that you can’t figure out how to make OR find someone in your state who can?

I hear you now: “But what about my Iphone or my Samsung, and my Gucci bag?

We all know you don’t really “need” those things. You buy them because they are available and you like them.


We all have farmers in our area for food. We have somebody who makes clothes, soaps, and even furniture, etc.

Somewhere in the world today, someone survives with food, water, shelter, music and love, and doesn’t have to pay taxes that FUND the systems of our countries while corporate cry babies don’t pay for shit and abuse people in other nations and OVERCHARGE US as Americans when we buy those products.

It’s total ludicrous BULL SHIT that they claim “tax laws” are the reason they moved production overseas. They already BARELY PAY ANYTHING as it is.

They moved production because: ding ding ding

That’s the NEW SLAVE TRADE and you and I have been FUNDING its perpetuation to this very day.

Corporate greed is what it always has been, and it’s up to US as civilians and HUMANS to demand better. We can and should DEMAND that production is moved back to the US or GUESS WHAT LOLLIPOP?

You can’t do business in the US anymore until you do.

WHAT? now that’s a revolution.

What do you think will happen? SOMEBODY will see the opportunity to monopolize on that open market opportunity and VOILA, corporate bull shit will have been put in check.

I know it’s a dream, but it’s a dream WE CAN MAKE A REALITY. And Mr. and Mrs. Greedy CEO will just have to deal with it or get out.




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