Road Block

(originally written Feb 23, 2012)

i wanted to write but found that i couldn’t … this road block fell into my lap and reminded me that its distracting my poetic flow…
got me in a choke hold and im flinching… resisting this pressure … thinking for a second maybe its just easier to give in and faint… so i find that i’m closing my eyes … breath closing off but i…
am a solider and this is just another battle… so im unleashing my greatest weapon… i stop flinching and twisting … and now u… have stopped resisting… believing i am defeated

so i was set free… cause the enemy thought i was out… when all i really did was let my teacher in… now that’s how the wise win…
i wanted to write but found that i couldn’t… i wanted to achieve but found detours… but detours are not tragedies… just a path you were dismissing cause u were stuck in ur tunnel vision…
i wanted to write… i guess i just did… this road block… uh… u know what? it really aint that big.


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