Love Compromise

(originally written Feb 23, 2012 inspired by a song by Van Hunt called “Moving Targets”)

better than most he is just as much as i can take

his steps are more like floating cause he moves like a memory

of something im missing

the serenades of melodies that told our story

like they were writing our biography inside their lyrics

got other lovers copying our techniques … mimics

but its he alone that inspires this kinda word creation

im wishing for balance

in between who he is and who i need him to be

but can he give in and dismiss his childish demands

for perfection

before we lose this perfect love

love is nothing but a temporary transition

from loneliness

without the compromise

two reaching find something lasting inside

the extension of “i accept and give to you

and you the same to me”

can we meet halfway? i’m speaking truth

aint no love ever succeeded and aint no lover

ever got what they needed

til they realized…

Love never lasts without the compromise


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