The Mystery of a Beep

(not sure why I wrote this one, but I like it, and maybe you will too)

There are some sounds we expect of natural design,

objects shattering, growls from the belly of a beast,

moans of pleasure, whispers of breath,

the way leaves rustle

But then there are the other sounds,

the sounds that signal human development or intrusion

the steady pointed beep in a hospital room, indicating life has not ceased

the soulful whine like honey dripping from the saxophone

hammers beating rhythmically cause music is second nature it seems

engine rumbles mimicking the sounds of beasts

the saxophone sings the lover’s moanful melody

the curtains sway and imitate the leaves

Even when man modifies physical forms, it seems he seeks what nature has already provided

Except… for the beep, pointed, steady, void of natural reflection

it is a sound only found

in human intervention

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