6 Tips on how to make the most of your time and get your visions achieved

NOTE: This is a strategy that can be applied for SMALL short term and LARGER long term visions. (also note that most larger long term visions are really a list of short term goals.)

My schedule for the past 7 days looked like this:
Full week of teaching.
Long list of usual mother responsibilities.
Gave a private tutoring lesson on Friday, worked on a photography crew on Saturday, and on Sunday, gave another private tutoring lesson.
Last weekend, I led an actor’s workshop to secure footage of pieces of 4 scripts for promotional purposes.

That’s just the past 7 days. 

How do I manage it and why do I do this? 

Why? Because I’m a hustler. I was raised by a family of hustlers and I was put in a position at a young age to have to come through for myself, and to
1. Believe that I deserve great things
2. Have determination and
3. Put in as much work as necessary to make it happen

Here comes the how:

Click the link below to read the 6 TIPS for short and long term success:



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