Part 2: Overcoming Your Bullshit Lens on Life

Last time, we ended by saying “Find out what the other person wants and give it to them.” Then I gave you a sexy video discussing how to do that. (Read that post HERE)

Now let’s get into that with a better definition and some examples.

Who is the other person?

And how do I figure out what they want?

and why do I even need to give them what they want? 

Let’s start with the “why.”

Why? because they have what you want and the only way you’re going to get it is if you learn this VERY VALUABLE LIFE SKILL and don’t act like a dummy about it.

I’ve heard people say “I aint kissing nobody’s ass” and “they gotta respect me for me and give me this without me doing nothing different.”

*insert me rolling my eyes at you*

You are not kissing nobody’s ass and you are not being fake. We all live in a world full of various environments, and if you don’t want nothing different out of life, then yes, stay as you are and wallow in your “aint got shit” life and see how long it takes you to come up out of that.

Or you can understand the concept of “give and take” you can understand that the manager or program director or the person you want to date is selective because they have something they care about and you are trying to be a part of that, and YOUR GOAL is to make them see you as 1. safe 2. trustworthy and 3 capable.

That means you have to create that presentation and show them you have what they want.

So you’re not being fake, you are simply showing the part of you that proves you can do the job. Like Hitch said, “She might not want to see all of you at once, but she does want to see it.” It’s not a good idea to show your entire personality on an interview or when asking someone out.

Yes you are a whole and complete person, but when hiring or dating, PEOPLE WANT TO SEE THE CORE of what it takes to fulfill that open position.

Now … back to the questions:

Who is the other person?

And how do I figure out what they want?

Identify who the person is that you must interact with: a manager, a coworker, a love interest, a friend, an actor, a director, etc.

What do you want from them? and what do they need to see in you before they give it to you?

Identify the qualities the open position requires OR the deal or project requires. Does the job need someone who has a professional demeanor? a calm attitude? a confident stance? a gentle nature?

Once you know what the open position requires, your goal is to SHOW IT. Whatever you gotta do, just show that you are CAPABLE, because Love Bug, you are already worthy. Just as worthy as everyone else.

AFTER YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT, then you can relax and let other parts of your personality emerge. It’s the same in any workplace or relationship. Once they know you have the core qualities, they’ll love and appreciate the rest of you as well.

REMINDER: When you get a “no” or a “we’ll call you back” or any other answer that is not a Yes, I’m going to slap you if you go into that negative self talk.

OUR WORDS CREATE OUR REALITY. I don’t give a damn what the reason was that they said No. You ARE NOT so clairvoyant and all-knowing that you can pinpoint that it had anything to do with YOU. They might have already interviewed someone who they liked. Or they might have chosen 5 of you and really need to think it over for a while before they call back.

Whatever the reason is, IT’S A NUMBERS GAME. Just like in sales or investments. You can go for 100 and only get 5 yes’s. Soon as you get your brain IN REALITY, the sooner you’ll stop being a whiny ass and get the things you want in life.

Want more on using seduction as a resource?

Below is a second video that gives a little more insight into using the power of seduction.





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