Mona Lisa’s Liberation

(originally written Jan 10 2013 and edited a little 2/16/2017)

I don’t need your directions…

your demands, your rules, your limits

… I’ve had enough of the telling me “this is who you are and this is what we need you to be”

“… get inside the mold cause i said so!”

“There is no you, there is only room for the Mona Lisa we demand you to be… silent. prim, proper, and serene…”

… I am most definitely magic but

This genie doesn’t believe in life inside a bottle…

Refuse to…be like the mother and trapped inside the demon of liquor and pills

to numb the constant nagging sting of barbed wire cages setting painful limits …

Dripping these tear stains across the canvas she is locked inside

… The Scream is her silent plea for freedom…

and I will never be her

… never see her dead passions give the same fate to my own… …

I am the seed of Heaven’s blessing and His power cannot be denied

… God’s angels are never made for cages…

It’s to Heaven’s highest heights we were meant to fly !!!

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