A Meditation Exercise 1 -Tuning into your heart

This meditation exercise is meant to help you follow Paulo Coehlo’s advice below. By following the STEPS listed under this quote, you will learn to “tune into your heart” and be more able to follow its guidance:

Someone asked: “Can the heart be wrong? (by Antonya)”

Paulo Coehlo replied, “How will you judge that? With your mind? If you do this, you will always find ways to discredit your heart. But these are illusions.
Think of your heart as an instrument that goes beyond the typical right and wrong views. Your heart will always be your north star in life – as long as you listen to it and give it a chance to talk to you.”

Needed Supplies:

Paper or poster board or a canvas,

3 pens or 3 markers or 3 paints,

Visit this PLAYLIST and choose one of the instrumental videos that matches with your spiritual energy.


Any space you feel peaceful, bedroom, park, coffee shop, classroom, any where

Now the steps 

Step 1 Get comfortable and get a snack that you love

Get the music started, grab whatever you want for comfort, pillow, blanket, sweater, take off your shoes, whatever you wish. The point is to relax and soothe your physical so that it does not distract at all from your meditation.

First we always have to ensure that our body is in stasis (balance). Food, water, clean, and only at that point can you truly set up comfort and pay attention to the internal.

Step 2 Set the mood with music

The music you selected is what felt right to your spirit and your heart center. Let it play now and move on to step 3.

Step 3 Write or paint the first few words that come to you.

These might be a sentence, a short phrase, or just a few random words. No matter what they are,  just write them or paint them down. You might not see the connection yet and that’s okay.

Step 4: Enjoy the snack a little bit and just think on those words. 

As you think on those words randomly sketch or paint around the words. Any colors and designs that you want. The goal of this is to let the thoughts flow freely and let them create a visual for you.

Your body is a vessel for your spirit and your heart is the center of the spirit. It is the energy and communication center that speaks to your body and the eternal Spirit many call God.

What you are doing here is opening up and clearing the debris from those communication lines.

Step 5: Pause. Enjoy your snack. Let the music sink in. 

This is when you stop creating and simply listen to the music and think on what you’ve created and the words.

Do more words come to you now? Add them to the drawing or painting.

Step 6: Connect the words from the beginning to the words you just thought of. 

How can these come together to create a message or lead to something creative? Write on a separate piece of paper a summary of what you feel from this meditation. Write what you think the message was that you received.

Step 7: Meditation closing

Read over your summary. Look back at the visual. Breathe. Send a thank you prayer to the higher being. No matter what name you call him: God, Allah, Yahweh, Jah, Earth Goddess. That spirit doesn’t care what name you use. He/She will hear you regardless and will find joy in what you say at this moment.

In closing, This is not the end of connecting with your spirit and heart. This is the beginning of the practice. Just like ALL RELATIONSHIPS, the relationship is strong or weak based on how often you speak and the quality of what you speak. When you pay focused attention and  take in the entire experience, the feeling, the words, the beauty, that’s when a person, and even your spirit and God feel loved.

And when we feel loved, we are warmer toward those who’ve taken that time to connect. That’s how you develop a connection, and that’s how to begin “tuning into your heart.”

Peace. Salam. Om.


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