Bogus A** Cheerleaders

Last time, we talked about those Shade Throwers and how they deplete your life. (Click HERE for that article.)

Now let’s look at the other less obvious negatives on your life: Bogus Ass Cheerleaders.

There are different levels of the bogus cheerleaders.

  1. The most harmful, cheer you on at all times just because they want to come along for the party. They show up for the drinks and the free stuff, but when work is needed and when the challenges of any project come up, they are no where to be found.
  2. The second type cheer you on just so they can get inside info and diss you behind your back OR to get info on what you’re doing so they can use your ideas and then half-ass your vision.
  3. This more subtle type is just as dangerous, but less easy to notice because of their approach. These are the ones who remind me of the “gold diggers.” They come in full throttle cheering and presenting themselves as part of your team before they really even know you.

Let’s break this one down so you can better understand how to identify them and why they are toxic.

FIRST OF ALL, when any one commits to you too quickly, it’s not a good sign because who does that? Who commits their time and energy so rashly without first considering the situation as a whole? This is an issue because it speaks of UNWISE choices AND a possible OVERSTEPPING of their boundaries on to your path and vision.

I’ve seen this happen before where someone comes in as a “help” and maybe a little too willing to help, and next thing you know, they’re making choices and bringing things in WITHOUT your approval, or putting you in a position, where you are overwhelmed and unable to hold on to your vision.

At times like these, you’ll see things going against your plan, and not understand why there is havoc: It’s because you allowed unhealthy energy into your center

SECOND ISSUE, they care nothing for your growth. They are “band wagon” friends. They just want to come along for the ride, play like they know and understand you and your vision, and what it needs. Meanwhile, others who have your best interest in mind, those who’ve been your support for longer might still be present, but the “band wagon-ers” are all in your face.

BE MINDFUL. Remember who’s been there for you. Pay attention to who offers you criticism and guidance. BE AWARE OF WHO HAS EXPERIENCE in what you are doing. Don’t fall for the McDonald advertisements and Disney-fied animation of a bandwagoner that you don’t even know that well.

WARNING: It is also possible that someone you know, who wasn’t a part of the project, jumps on as a “bogus ass cheerleader,” too.So don’t only use this model on new folks. This goes for any one who jumps on last minute and overwhelms you with their “attention.”


Some bogus cheerleaders are easy to spot, because they are never present for the challenges.

Others move in on you way too fast, and any one who does that HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE.

Be cautious Loves.  Shade Throwers and Cheerleaders are equally dangerous at delaying or derailing your progress entirely.


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