Does Tyler Perry Make Fairy Tales or Realistic Fiction?

Does Tyler Perry make fairy tales or realistic fiction?

In films like “Daddy’s Little Girls,” “Mr.Good Deeds” and “Single Mom’s Club”there are 4 phases of the story.

1st-  everything starts out challenging,

2nd – Something sweet or uplifting occurs,

3rd – Just as everything is at a climax of joy, something throws everything into a crazy spin

4th – everything gets back to a beautiful high, where all the unity and joy enters as the conflict is resolved.

And along the way, love is found, and is usually a part of the healing and the joy that happens.

But is it just me, or are films like these just another version of a fairy tale?

For single women, with or without children, when we are ready to connect with a love in commitment, it doesn’t just spontaneously “happen.” There are a million and one other factors that come into play that have nothing to do with the woman’s willingness to love or not.

In all of these films, the men are ready and willing to unite and support the women in all the ways a man can. But that’s not reality.

When a woman isn’t ready, she doesn’t care about the “readiness” of the men she chooses to spend time with. Women go through times just like men, when we just want someone to talk to, but not someone to sync up with and connect with.

But the fairy tale in many films, suggests that when a woman is ready, the love will appear, and will likewise be ready. This thing called life doesn’t work that way.

Some men are ready for love, but have no clue what they want, so they fumble around with lovers until at some point they feel like they have what they want from a woman. I don’t know the mechanics of it, or how their thought process goes. After all, I’m not a man.

All I know is as one of the women dating, the results have little to do with what you are or are not ready for. And love is not like buying a new laptop, where as soon as you’re ready for one, you walk into a store and pick one up.

Love is … What the hell is love? Shakespeare once wrote, “Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but love.” That assumes that all of us are inside of this thing called love and that love is the director.

It’s not. It’s a resource, or an element in our universe. Or perhaps it’s more of a chemical compound, only created when two complementary chemicals exchange electrons and create it.

Love is an angel. It’s created when two people choose to. And yes, Mr. Perry and other film writers have one thing right: usually there is someone willing to be with every woman. The problem is, not every person has what you need.

Maybe that’s the same issue on the side of men when they’re sorting through their options to get what they want.

So the issue isn’t finding someone to sync up with, but finding someone that matches what you need. And if you took other people’s thoughts out of the equation, and focused on just what you want and need, who would you choose?

I’m here rambling out these thoughts and hoping someone feels uplifted in knowing they’re not the only person who’s gone through this or is going through it.

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