Don’t Stop the Magic

(originally written Dec 21, 2013)

What if I told you how magical you are to me? What If i wanted to make magic with you every time we are together… and I don’t just mean THAT kind… but the kind that gets your spirit lifted at all times… the kinda magic that fills your days with laughter,and when you reminisce on the last moment we were together, you just … smile… what if all i want is to give you this magical feeling not because you’re perfect… because… let’s be real… you’re not perfect and neither am I… but we are all perfectly exactly who we are… and in our perfect paradoxes and beautiful kaleidoscope souls, we deserve magic

… I’ve posted about my near death experience before, but there are a lot of new people on my page and in my life now.And many who might not have read what I said back then… and if you’re still reading up to this point, I take it ur interested in what I’m thinking… and what i’m thinking (as I always do) is that we are not guaranteed anything past this moment in time. Maybe those who’ve faced possibly immediate death understand how precious each moment is

but when I awake each morning, I can’t wait to fill it up with as much magic as I possibly can. The only thing that dampens my spirit, is when I’m faced with “delayers” or those who fear the light of FREELY living … How do you know if you’re freely living or not? Well.. do you say things like? “Not right now” “I’m not ready” “I just have so much to do already” or do you ever say things like “When the time is right… “Then you are a delayer, and YES you are afraid of letting magic happen

… Because once again… NOW is all you have… and I imagine all the magical moments LOST to these FEARFUL statements & sometimes I grieve the lost opportunities for magic
… So stop being a dummy,and stop being a coward… AND LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN … We don’t know when this life will end… Lord knows Ive come face to face with my mortality once before, and I don’t trust that I”ll have tomorrow to show YOU how magical you make me feel…


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