Study suggests that Racism causes blindness

A recent study conducted over the course of my lifetime indicates strong evidence that racism causes blindness. Now I’ll explain for the curious about how this happens…

First  I feel pity but grant no passes for the blind caused by racism

… the blinded by color are the real color blind… cause the rest of us see color and it’s a beautiful decoration to a beautiful soul…

we see the similarities between us and another as a BOND & the differences as something to appreciate since having differences means we all get MORE experiences

… the BIGOTS & RACISTS are missing out on SO MUCH in this life … so I pity the blinded by color who can’t see anything more than the shades of brown

… I feel for you the same way I do for a truly physically blind person who for the first 5 years could appreciate and love all, but then at age 5 a disease took away your ability to comprehend the world around you… I feel pity for you

BUT i will not treat you with kindness due to your DISEASE

.. because your disease isn’t totally your fault (since someone had to teach it to you) BUT you are dangerous and limited to all these other SPIRITS existing ,

AND NONE OF US should EVER feel limited or attacked by ur BLINDNESS

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