To ShoKed <3

Here’s what you asked:

What I want from you all is the comparison of the two paths. What would be faced when choosing one or the other.

The already traveled path vs the least to non traveled path.

Here is my response: 

So I read this post earlier today but wanted to give it some thought before responding. As I considered my answer, the names of some of my favorite poets and artists came to mind: Frost (obviously), Basho, Rumi, Paulo Coehlo, Ameen Rihani, and James Baldwin.

Here’s a quick reason why for each:

Frost is for the obvious reason about his poem and your allusion to it in the initial post “traveled path” vs “least traveled.”

Basho was a Japanese poet who once chose to teach a lesson to his society about “borders” and “ownership of space” by walking aimlessly through land and homes and reminding people that this space is for all of us and we hinder each other when we block the mobility of others.

Rumi and Paulo Coehlo’s writings often speak on letting the universe guide you as you develop and achieve various parts of your purpose and experience along the way.

Ameen Rihani’s and James Baldwin’s writing reminds me of choosing to boldly speak and support what you believe, to openly criticize and praise those in power so that the world is aware of what needs to change and what should be sustained.

So now for my personal statement on these two paths:

I feel like I’ve moved along a line within both, keeping the traveled path within close enough reach that stability could be maintained where I needed it to be, but as you remember in 2013, I was ready to take a leap and because of your support I was able to leap off that “traveled path” and pursue what my soul was pulling me towards.

When I was on that traveled path, I was doing what had to be done, it seemed. Working a job, paying for costs of living, keeping house, etc. But even when I was in Lafayette, I still made efforts to get off that path, poetry, events, community action and the coffee shop. With each one I learned something, developed something, connected with others and it enriched a part of my life.

But I was only able to fulfill part of what Paulo Coehlo and Rumi describe as a longing in the spirit and Coehlo encourages us to pursue the object of that longing.

It’s important to remember that in pursuit of that longing, we don’t have to throw off or leave behind anything or anyone else. For me, it felt like just expanding my efforts toward my purpose. I was doing some of it before, but now I’ve slowly moved toward doing more and more for that “non travelled path.”

It was a smooth increase in time spent and what not. And my friendships have strengthened within that. Those I work with on my purpose or also developing a part of their purpose. In that way, we are building each other, and it’s like a “team hike up a mountain” or through a jungle or whatever you want to compare it to…

At the same time, the universe led me to work that not only pays my bills, but adds to my purpose. And that in fact, led to the opportunity to get a graduate degree for VERY cheap and in a field and course of work that led to research opportunities…

AND ALL OF IT is part of that purpose.

NOW COMES THE WARNING.. Be aware that at least for me, the initial transition was HARD. I didn’t speak on it much but adapting to the new life here was sometimes scary, sometimes uncomfortable, but … it reminds me of boxing class or running … and I’m sure you could compare it to dance for yourself… you reach what some athletes call “the wall” of exhaustion, and you have a choice to either stop OR you can choose to push through.

And I pushed through… even though the struggle was continuing I produced my first completely independent stage play here in the summer of 2014, then cowrote and produced the production we took to Lafayette in the fall of 2014.

Through that whole year, I was still deep in the struggle but I WANTED THIS PATH and I knew pushing through that wall would be worth it.

By 2015, the universe rewarded me for my persistence.

And then it slapped me in the face again that summer… LOL. I can laugh about it now… but by the fall of 2015, I hit my stride again, and it’s been so smooth and REWARDING and powerful, and beautiful

That’s what the non-travelled path was for me. It was like hiking through a forest that no one else or few others had been through in a long time. I had to move things out the way, I fell into a hole a time or two, had to climb over an embankment, swim through some murky water, got chased by a wild animal once… LOL

But now… I reached a plateau, and I’m ready for the next phase of this path. I already know I can expect more challenges, but now I see this as BEAUTIFUL OPPORTUNITIES

I hope this was helpful in some way.

Love you ❤


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