You See a Diamond, I See Her Pain

When I recently made it known that I do not want a diamond ring or anything for birthday, Valentine’s Day and not even for an engagement, some people weren’t really feeling where I was coming from entirely.

In fact, I made it clear I much prefer tattooing a ring on instead of wearing one for marriage. Some agreed but

when I said, “To me, it’s nothing more than a rock.”

some replied, “Yea but a rare rock.”

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough.

When I see those stones in the window of jewelry stores, I see Maria Tukamara (featured photo) and Marie Karoome (pictured below) both of whom had limbs removed by RUF forces over these rocks people give to each other, supposedly as a symbol for “Love.”

Look at this image.


Does it look like the person who hurt Marie Karoome was adding the energy of love onto that rock you rocking on your finger?

If you have enough money to buy me a diamond and you really want to make me happy, do me a favor and buy me a camera, or put money towards a down payment on a real estate investment, or something that can add value to our lives as opposed to buying something that REMOVES VALUE from the lives of our brothers and sisters in humanity.

At the end of the day though, even if the violence ended, diamonds are still nothing more than a rock to me.

The real precious gems in my heart, are people, like Maria and Marie, and the beautiful connections we all share.. ❤ Sending you love from over a thousand miles away.







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