I Hate You

(originally written in 2014)

I hate you

Yet I still don’t want to kill you

You slayer of humanity

You serial killer behind badges

NO better than sexual abusers

You destroyer of bodies

And sanity

Can’t walk street alone

Not cause of stranger in shadows

But because of you in blue who may or may not

See my skin or facial features

As threatening

My mother used to say

“If you hate, it means you want death on someone.”

So baby don’t say hate

elevate your reactions

seek out solutions

remember your mission

you’re much greater than the vengeful

My mother used to say

“you can dislike, detest, feel disgust

but never

permitted to verbalize this rage

his face blood stained nightmares i wake shaking

thisearthquake has a name and I can’t  say …

you say smile bless the world with that glow

but damn if the reality that today could be just another misery

for a family who meets the sunset minus

one they love

slain like fish in a bucket

so fuck it Yes I hate you

smiles are for times when the sunshine

doesn’t illuminate that his brown tone

could be his destruction

could be treated as WEAPON

he’s a deadly weapon walking

but you’re the only one killing

so Zimmerman stalking

no rights to walk freely

but I’m supposed to tame these flames

control the substances like drugs

take another hit of this

Xanax media atmosphere

their fumes blinding so many not seeing clear

they justifying the homicide

just so it’s not one of their kind

dead man walking

target on back

Kajeime Powell

Ramarley Graham

and Eric Garner

child or father

walking or talking is a deadly sin

Trayvon Martin

Jordan Davis

Jonathan Ferrell

And Cameron Tillman

Long line of more Emmet Tills

And Yes I fucking hate you!

Cause you show no sign of remorse

Or stopping

Deadly force is your habitual practice

My moma said hate is a death wish

But they’re not professing the emotion

Yet it’s death they’re dealing

So I think moma got it wrong

Cause hate is just a feeling

Reality is in the actions

So I hate you

But I still don’t want to kill you

And that is what separates

Us from You


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