The Classroom

(originally written Aug 22, 2011)

My diary is my poetry, pages painted with thoughts and stories dripping like graffiti,

Some flowery poetic verse is not my kind, maybe more like glories and tragedies, a story of resurrection

And seeking the direction, a higher calling, got my cell up in the air seeking his signal at all costs

Cause I’m nothing outside of His classroom,


His class is just the same as all the rest, got homework assignments and several tests,

The seating chart changes and we think it’s random. Only he knows its not

There’s gum under the desk from the last student who had this spot

Wonder if it’s the reason he lost his location and now sits in the nose bleed section?


A ruler snap across my desk, cause God is the oldest of the old school teachers, and He’s letting me know in this class

There is no teacher’s pet, or pass or fail, there is only all of his children and we’ll stay til we’ve learned

The lessons well…


And we got the cliques just like high school too,


the know it alls telling all the rest the best way to live

Sit up straight, tuck in your shirt, comb your hair, and pay attention, but they’re so blinded they forget the most important step is to listen and question before you can even come close to understanding


The bully who thinks he runs this place right here, so he beats us so we’ll give in to fear, but he’s getting the smack down too, from you know who cause this is the teacher’s domain, and He’s the only one who can bring real pain…


The rebel who thinks he’s too cool for any of this, cause he knows more than any of us the reason we in this -ish… he leans back in his chair and waits, for God to show him some pearly gates, cause he aint hearing nothing til somebody shows him heaven, and so he misses out on all the evidence he’s been given


The scared student who is sometimes overwhelmed, hoping they are getting it right, self abusing about every wrong choice, and seeking His guidance at every turn, just hoping He’s hearing  their voice clearly, “let me recheck this connection… I think my tower might need some repair… “


And then there’s the calm student, the one who listens and takes diligent notes, pays attention not just to the teacher but to the lessons of the classmates too, sometimes laid back and peaceful, other times breaking stones and building castles… the Calm student just wants to find the right direction according to the teacher’s will…


What kind of student are you?


And who is pleasing to the Master?


The answer isn’t any of the above, only because it’s actually “all of the above.”

Cause He knows some take longer to understand,

but that’s ok cause we were created by His hand

and he knows best the nature of all creation,


there is no rush, no need to wonder or question His intent,

Cause with Him there is really “No Child Left Behind”,

all the students will grow in their own time,

so just listen, question, and live…


cause this life is the greatest gift the teacher could EVER give.


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