Want me to scream

Want me to scream like “Woah baby woah”

want me to scream like… the passion vibration between my thighs

got me outside


want me to scream like “No baby no don’t go”

like the tears burn like lave to the core of me

want me to scream life “Aaaahhhhh”

like her birth flowing through me was cutting deep

want me to scream like “fuck you ahhhhhh”

like I hate you cause you think the hate is one step from the deepest love

but… one thing you never accepted

is how I’m an exception

and the passion will rock me but tears will not grant you that pleasure of assuming you’re a factor

doors close when you bend my love to the snapping point

and maybe you don’t remember the G in me

I tried to tell you the story of pain from day one… the fighter in me knows too well

how to crush those who wish me harm without receiving reverse effects

and you know better than any the crush of my absence

delusional side effects I’m absinthe when I leave

so my sing song passion from sex, a lover will feel and his push inside are the only drums I need to ride this melody

but pain…. ha.. pain aint shook me before

So don’t expect cries or screams from me

More of a G than any brother man on the street


(writing about a past time. Sometimes we can’t write what we feel when it’s there, but looking back it just flows)


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