A moment that changed my life

There are moments in our lives that we might not understand the full meaning of it in that moment, but later, a lesson finds its way to you. This is about one of those times.

This story may or may not mean anything to you, or maybe it will. I guess I’m writing it to feel how it resounds within my own spirit, and if it vibrates with your soul, I hope you’ll comment or share.

I grew up on a farm, next to my grandparents home, where they raised sheep, pigs and chickens, and grew vegetables and had a small corn field. All my life, I helped in little ways.

We also always had 2 or 3 dogs and a few cats. The dogs were companions as usual, but also guarded the property and other animals from coyotes or any other predator that might come by. The cats of course kept mice away.

One day when I was about 9 or 10, I was outside playing, probably one of my usual things climbing into some space I had no business being 🙂 when I heard the dogs growling and gnashing at something. As I ran toward the sound, I heard a squeal of terror from a small baby pig.

When I turned the corner of the fence, I saw 2 of the dogs attacking one of the baby pigs that was only a few weeks old. Without a thought, I yelled and kicked the dogs and then pulled them on their necks, trying desperately to move them so the little animal could escape and return to his mother.

In that moment, I never paused to think how the dogs might have attacked me in retaliation. Nothing but instinct came.

A few moments later I was pulled away from them by my uncle who had heard the noise. He freed the little pig and chased the dogs away. My uncle’s face was beyond frightened and he hugged me close. This was the moment I realized he was holding a shot gun in his hand.

He thought the dogs were attacking me and was prepared to kill them until he realized I was the one trying to rescue another living thing.

What does this story mean to me at this time of reflection?

I realize as I look back that I lived that way ever since. As much as I had always loved those dogs, especially my sweet angel Trixie, I could not allow them to harm another creature. And after they attacked the little pig, I never stopped loving them. I was angry for a little while, especially when the little pig later died from the injuries, but I still loved them.

But no matter where I’ve been or who I saw, I refuse to stand by while any one or any thing is harmed by another.

It’s the same for all people.

I see you as human. I see you as family. I will protect you by any means necessary. Would you do the same for me? Would you do the same for all humans no matter the coding of DNA, skin tone, religion or country of origin? Do you make accommodations for some over others? And if you do, how do you justify that to your soul? to God?

You don’t have to like everyone to respect and honor life and to respect and honor their cries for help.








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