The problem with love

If you were faced with me

my Raw,

unbridled by expectations of the environments created by society

how would you react?

If you realized that my spirit is forever poised in between exploding into flames and

rushing into the clouds to take flight?

The energy of all of that held down inside barriers so I don’t seem foo… wierd for the expectation of life we live within

the frustration ever present but those of my kind deny or just simply hold the expression inside

cause to express it and risk being misunderstood, being hit with a blank stare, or an accusation of insanity

or risk scaring you away

Don’t wanna flood out onto the safety of those closest

so i pour my excess energy into punches that land on inanimate objects, like boxing bags

and rip into words on pages or the air surrounding stages

or the air rising over the lake

and what remains flows down the sides of my face

when I’m alone

I just want

to create

peace and uplift those inside this space

If you saw me unfiltered, would you love and connect with me?

That’s all any of us really needs

Love’s end when we forget to be open and receive

the pure nature of the other





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