You know what’s a true waste of your energy?

You know what’s a true waste of your energy:  I’m about to tell you.

Every business person, artist of all types, journalists, community activists, etc … we all work on matters that require participation and support from others. We need customers, attendees, volunteers, comments and shares of our content, etc. That’s how we expand our “brand,” whether business, art, or an event.

And you all know how much time and energy you put in to developing, planning, organizing and managing these projects. It’s a beautiful but demanding process, isn’t it?

So you need to conserve your energy. You need to FOCUS your energy WISELY so that you maximize your reach and impact.

and that my loves, is why I’m writing this today.

Because the most common waste of your energy is … worrying about those who don’t support you.

I get it. They should. It most often would help them too if they did. We know our networks should want us to thrive as well. Right? So why don’t they?

I’m not wasting my energy explaining it. We all know the diverse reasons, but the point I want you to take from this post is…. STOP WASTING YOUR ENERGY on people who don’t support you.

Don’t wonder how you can convince them or try to figure out what’s wrong with them.

And don’t be an asshole. You can still talk to them when you see them. But instead of saying “Why don’t you support?” or saying “Bitch fuck you hater.”

Try this:


It doesn’t raise any negative emotions in you and it doesn’t give them power.

Here’s how that works.

You act like you don’t even notice they aren’t supporting. You ONLY speak on your creative process, your marketing process, you share your process and smile at the beauty of it. You focus your energy on that.

If the “non supporter” comments or messages you, or sees you in public, say hi and wave, and move on as though you are not aware of their lack of support at all


Because your words and attention GIVE POWER to things, including your detractors. Why pass on your power like that? Would you hand out money to them and rob yourself? So why are you robbing yourself of your energy like that?

A long my path I’ve had many people who didn’t support, some who even tried to throw shade, and a few who tried to sabotage. But how many of my friends even know who these people were?

If they weren’t present to see it, they don’t know what happened. And in the end, my sanity was preserved, and my project moved forward.

I focused my energy and words on my circle of beautiful souls who worked with me. I gave my time to their projects and they gave their time to mine, and in the end, we all saw success in those initiatives.

Yea I’ll vent if necessary to a close friend, but I REFUSE to publicly acknowledge a hater or deficient human every time one of them emerges.


Be blessed Loves. Be productive. Use your energy wisely.



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