Which of these 2 kinds of love do you want?

When someone loves you for you & the connection you share with them, you’ll know it.

When people criticize your career choice, or your passions, when they don’t support or care to hear about your successes, they may love you as in they care about you and want you happy,

but do they really LOVE you in the way that love means accepting and understanding the person as they are. and even when you don’t fully “understand’ you at least appreciate the unique qualities and quirks of that person… THAT’S love

So yea, some people will love you and not be interested in the same things you are. and still genuinely love and nurture you.

But there’s a difference between the love that simply doesn’t want you to come to harm and the love that enjoys seeing happiness and excitement in your eyes and words… the love that really wants to know “what’s up” with full updates

The love that congratulates you warmly when you succeed, that hugs you lovingly when a challenge arises, the love that says “how can I help?” and whatever it is they have to offer, they’ll give

THE ONE THING I GOTTA CLOSE WITH IS… remember that before you can expect this love from others, you gotta give it to them too. If you give it, and they fail to give it back, then you know whom to fully support and whom not to. BUT if you don’t try to reach out now, you’ll never know.

It’s the people who learn to be present for others that gain the most in life.
We are as strong as our connections to others permits. If they are superficial and materialistic connections, you’re standing on thin ice.

Meanwhile those with warm connections can expect to live in a house of warmth and support no matter what comes their way.


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