Artists are here to disturb the peace

Artists are here to disturb the peace ~James Baldwin~

I’ve been told I’m too loud, too proud, inflated like balloons,

She said it was the passion of my Arab and African root that gave my spirit its boom

rocked her Western European sensibilities

she was French you see

And apparently, still holding on to the belief that

DNA overrides experience

Caught a flashback to racial experiments

They pushing us into petrie dishes the size of nations and continents

Dissecting our contents for their own personal understanding


I’ve been told that I’m too aggressive for femininity

Too sure Too demanding  Grandstanding

Advised to accept what’s given

with a smile…


While some other no better no greater Gains the right to walk freely into

any spaces they want to without aggressive retaliation and

no passive aggressive policies written to contain or restrict them

We, the artists, are the voices of the people

No need for church steeples

We are not sheeples

we are truly the essence of God people

Cause we’ve stripped away the restrictions they placed on our voices

they said “turn the other cheek is the way” and

be pious and meek and wait for the end days

they said God lives inside the church so

take a seat and eat what they feed

But God is omniscient, eternal, fire, energy, creator and eliminator of all things

there are no walls, fences, or distorted belief systems

that can contain Him

And we, His children, have come for our inheritance


They say we are too loud, too proud, too anything that means we dare sing

our own praises

they say we are too demanding, grandstanding, anything that means

we want a return to our freedom to demonstrate and live in our greatness

Ancient teachings, like I Ching, explain that all things

flow in evolutionary cycles

Reference the message inside Quran and Bibles

God’s people can never be contained forever

like volcanoes, we burn through man made borders and create


“The deeper they bury me, the louder my voice becomes”

~Herman Wallace~


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