No wishes for self other than a sense of peace for God’s garden to bloom like Eden has never ended…. and it hasn’t
Look inside and see the fire guarding the beauty that is you
The only thing between you and realizing it is… yourself.


I heard a talk once given by Thandie Newton (actress), in which she said that as newborns we don’t have a sense of self. In fact she said that as infants we feel as if we are one with our surroundings. We have no concept of separation.

She goes on to say that we are taught to have a “sense of self” in which we learn to be self-conscious and afraid, and a host of other possible negative emotions.

Btu yet, I see 2 things in this that she didn’t mention:

First, that the self identity allows us personal accountability and many positive emotions as well.

And second and perhaps most eye-opening for me is the realization that there are children and adults who never really separate from surroundings Many people use the term “empaths” to describe people who feel the energy and emotion around them.

For empaths, there is a never-ending longing for the comfort and peace of others. Because there is no end to the connection. If what’s near is in chaos, the empath feels distorted or disturbed within.

Being an empath can be a bitter sweet existence, and some where along the way, some empaths draw others like them to their center. But I believe that those who do not find others of that same spiritual design, can fall into despair.

Be mindful spirit, that you connect with some others who care as much about your peace as you do theirs. We are out here.

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