Diary of a New Home School Mom Episode 2

So in episode 1, I chose a home school / education philosophy and chose a program that met my wishes and budget for my child’s education.

It’s been a little over a month and so far it’s been great. There are 4 students in the group, my daughter being in the middle of the age group.

They’re learning math, reading and science through instruction and hands on activities, such as growing beans.

Also, the one-on-one attention is unparalleled. For example, one day my daughter had been daydreaming and her teacher sent me a text. I explained to her that either she had not slept well the night before or she probably had a creative story on her mind.

When I picked her up, I asked my daughter what she had been thinking about in class and if she had slept well the night before. She said she was well-rested and had been thinking about adventures and food. I explained to her the importance of paying attention to lessons.

The greatest thing happened though when I spoke to her teacher; she said “Aww that’s so sweet. I’ll start giving them more time for creative writing.”

In a formal large classroom, this kind of attention doesn’t usually happen. It’s typically put on to the child to control their natural curiosity and box it in for the progress of the lesson. In this situation, my child’s skills at writing and creative thought have been nurtured and even encouraged without any loss of productivity in other areas.


In other words: larger school settings should adapt this strategy into their models, allowing for expression and finding ways to put the standard skills into the things kids enjoy doing, such as learning about grammar and essay structure, while doing creative writing.

In EPISODES 3, we’ll discuss the “leadership program” the home school teacher has offered for our children to participate in. We’re very excited about all that it involves.


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