Some of these men are like these substances we always get warned against

Starting with that fast food drive thru dude

Not good for nothing more than a quick

hey hello let fuck and I gotta go

but even that really aint worth it ladies

Cause his words only annoy,

and his lifestyle is really reminiscent of a boy

Not worth the time most times

read the sign

It says one way and that’s that way

Get out

But some are more like Opium

growing from something fragile into a monster

Flows like water into your system

and got ur mind gone

Cant find the numbers to your phone

to call 911

please help cause im overdosing

He’s closing in on my blissful peak… damn…


Some fellas bring that mellow energy

smooth like smoke rings rolling from a blunt

No need to front,

he got that smooth transition got me swaying like

Wooo wooo wooo yea … oh oh oh  yea…


But they can’t do nothing like

the one that I find in my dreams every time

I hear his voice…

He is more like God … a reflection of everything pure in me

Rising me up when I spread my wings ,

lifts me ,

gifts me with all that this soul needs


See this isn’t blasphemy cause He’s God’s gift to me…

No denying …

He is more perfect than he will ever know, and He is

Better than these temporary distractions…

fast food, opium or weed…

cause He gives me more

Than all of these,

when he gets me high there is no coming down

So excuse me if I dismiss your approaches…

my heart can’t give in to your advances

cause your substances do nothing for me

It’s only he that can connect with me…

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