No Tomorrow

(originally written Oct 2011, edited 9/4/2016)

i wanted to feel you like there was no tomorrow…

and literally there isn’t since by the time tomorrow is reality

it will be today…

but this isnt a philosophical piece

this is a physical chanting cause I want to trace

fingertips across the nape of your neck

and find the chills created with my lips on the small of your back


I want to draw images with the strands of my hair

and rewind your name over some soulful beats

clinging us together because it is binding our inner beings

i wanted to feel you like today is the only reality

and literally we understand that it is


today is eternity and inside of this we find our connection

to eternal life is much nearer than we ever knew

so i open up my palms to catch your kiss

and you draw your philosophy from my wrist to the curve of my ear

whispering the conclusion of your statement there


I wanted to feel you like these words were a string

we could always use to find our way across whatever distance

If loving you is living then…

this embrace is never ending

cause it’s just natural to gaze into the heaven that exists

inside the light of your eyes…


I wanted… I want… I will want to feel you …

the reality that is you, not just this physical form,

but past the heart beat that keeps your blood warm

i want to find you …

find you inside what others call a maze

but I call a path into eternity…

I want to feel all the levels of you…

never ending…


the beginning and the ending are one in the same

and if that’s the case

then to this love and life

there will be no end

so I will feel you today

like there is no such thing as tomorrow




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