Rainbow Ribbons

(written Aug 17, 2014)

(As you read this piece, imagine a mixed child who’s parents came from different continents and an attempt to find identity and center in this racialized culture)

The water fairy tango dancing over surfaces others plummet into

… she pirouettes, leaps, then lowers like cottony sheets over children’ heads

into a plie

… Turns back to see the land she came from, looks forward into distance to see

the other land she came from

… she stretched cotton candy spider web threads,

sweet sticky binding tied perilously across the waters

winds her extended spirit back up to center

… raises eyes up to skies

these rain drops distorted light beams

… she counts them to find where one ends and the other begins

but they blur at the edges

… over lap creating more possible


why do they lie when visibly they are united?

… one body of light, all spectrum represented

remove one of the forms

… and the others follow in exit

diversity is the reason they maintain

(Ask Ashkenazi Jews what genetic homogeneity leads to)

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