A Facebook Quiz Accurately Explained Who I am Attracted to

I took this quiz on Facebook called “What are you attracted to?”
and usually these quizzes are just funny… but I was surprised with how correct this quiz was.
soooooo… I wanted to save the result I recieved from it.
🙂 so here it is…
what I am attracted to…

You are attracted to people who are very independent, honest, rebellious, original in thought, inventive, and they are born humanitarians.
They are deep analytical thinkers with definite opinions and beliefs that they enjoy sharing with others.
They enjoy a good debate, and love to prove how open minded they are. Always highly intelligent and logical an, you match is also very serious minded.
Their sense of humor is often dry or unusual.
They can be loners, sometimes withdrawing themselves from the world while their sensitive side seeks true companionship.
He is unique by nature and they like themselves that way.


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