Trapped in the Romantic Comedy

Sometimes a love life can feel like a series of romantic comedies

and the marathon only pauses when you step away

only you’re really hoping that one of them leads toward that lifelong love story

that great-grand kids will find penned into a journal some where and be inspired to start their own journeys as well

But for now… for all some of us can tell, we’re just floating in the wind like helpless seeds

or wondering along a jungle path and no matter how “right” we are in our ways and words

the stories end before the climax even starts

I never believed in fairy tales and to me there are always more than one soul mate or soul match so I never felt limited in my options

I moved forward logically that if I showed love and gave peace, so long as I received the same one of these attempts at love would last

Sometimes we know right away there’s no flow between us two and we part before hearts start to intertwine and those times, it’s mutual and perfectly acceptable to step back with no wounds or collateral damage

but other times, lovers have PTSD from their history and don’t even recognize the damage remains and they end up scratching you and them on the way out

and others are so fixated on superficial exteriors that they don’t give a chance to great love because it doesn’t fit the “brand” they want to project

and some inexplicably end for no damn good reason, Setting up habits and good will through actions and passion and without warning… or explanation they’re gone.

You go from receiving an increase in affection and attention and time and energy, no indications that you’re a “pass time” All reason to believe this one wants to sustain

so when the door swings back at you in the dark, you’re the one bruised and confused that a love potential with all the indicators of being

that freshwater lake you needed

was a false mirage in the desert

and you’re stranded

Not because you loved yet, because you didn’t get that deep

but because you were shown fresh water consistently and without warning had sand thrown in your face

followed by


Is this the part in the story where the answers come in? Does some wise sage appear over the sands of this time, and offer guidance … or do I find my way out alone…


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