Block Party Demonstrations

written 7/27/2013

… ya know… we got plenty of people upset about crime and violence… i just saw a post about teens cutting up loudly on a sidewalk and shots fired in the air… and of course across the nation, this and worse happens
… so thats when God whispered “Occupy the Streets” … so just like we have these #OccupyPhoenix and Occupy Boston and Occupy Wall Street… how bout we seriously start a nationwide ‪#‎OccupyTheStreets‬ ???
… get ur fam and friends together, get ur lounge chairs, ice chests and bbq pits,, and stage an all night bar-be-que in ur yard but right at the edge of the sidewalks … Instead of watching TV in our living rooms, bring the party outside. Get outdoor tents if necessary to keep bugs out. Some sort of screened in canopy or even a front porch. 

Maybe part of the issue is we stay indoors and are not witness to our own streets often enough.

‪#‎BlockPartyDemonstrations‬ !!! just a thought… but likeHumble Jow says “took thoughts from minds, and turned dreams to missions” it all begins with a thought
and Humble, I hope I got that quote right 


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