Accent Mark Your Heart


Like a accent mark

Get you coming up out of yourself

Sounded like

Blaze to blaze

Cache to cache

Get your damn baby

To damn bay bayyyyy


I don’t change but upgrade

How you live

The way you move

Get you confident like Kanye before Kardashian

Like Olympian as he win

The resident recipient of the benefits

So if you slow in the mental

Or I’m not your optimal, proximal like compatible variables

I won’t miss a step, just slide to the left

This VIP love status Might be out your budget

No mastercard, discover or visas

No cash, diamonds, Rolexes or Lexus

You only give what you receive

In this meritocracy

Check the definition

You got what you gave

Behave be brave the way you gave

To me is the way to say baybay I want you

But maybe your language is foreign to me

Need translation or maybe It’s time I say …




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