Just F***ing / Just Sex

Written July 23 2011 … (Men and women today have some complexities internally whether they admit it or not.

So based on a recent convo I had with a woman about her concerns

as a single woman, I wrote this…)



Shes watching and he’s approaching

she knows what he’s about to say before its even spoken

whispering “I just wanna get next to you.”


and she starting discussing with herself…


“I’m just feeling lost and confused…

haven’t been touched in a month or two and my hearts been torn

over the ex who I cant stand no more…

and I just wanna know that Im wanted,

that I won’t have to fight to get a man by my side

when the time is right

so I look at this man and he looks so right..

im thinking tonight might be the night…


that I … self abuse…


cause my body is calling

but tomorrow morning I’ll be wishing

i had sent his ass home without a warning…

cause he still aint the one

and he’s got issues of his own…


he might be the broke dude trying to bum off every woman he fucks dude, or

he might be the dog humping everybody on the leg dude…

or maybe he’s the “got 7 kids and 5 baby momas” dude…


or…  maybe he’s a good man… just a little confused

cause love’s done him wrong too

but RUSHING THE FUCKING  only leads to never really knowing til its too late…


So this woman has a decision to make


some say sex can be just for fun

and no ones really hurt when its all said and done…

then why we got so many babies in torn families

and why so many got this miscommunication leading to

hearts breaking or anger building

cause what you think you said to the one in ur bed

wasn’t what they heard on their end of it…

and now u thinking “Oh shit… i done did it again…

but maybe if i just fuck the right one, i wont get all this complication”

so like a fool, u just gonna go and do it … again?


Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

just cause its a different person u  fucking

dont mean You aren’t doing the same action…

and every action leads to a reaction…

so dont act like u dont know no betta

next time they show up banging on your door

or calling ur phone 20 times or more

in one night…

or the sane ones end up crying in silent moments

or lost inside questions with eyes dry

cause you know I know … we all know just fucking is never “just fucking”


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