Black Lives Matter Wants THIS

Black Lives Matter does not hate police. Never has and never will.

When we are regularly harassed and questioned UNLAWFULLY by police for the color of our skin, there is a problem. When we see ON VIDEO that people like Tamir Rice and John Crawford and Alton Sterling or killed UNLAWFULLY and no one is protecting the civilian’s rights,

ALL we are seeking is a change in the system so that civilians can feel safe that the ONLY men and women who will be police will be those who will not be corrupt and will not do harm.

To suggest that this issue isn’t real is a disgrace to all those NATIONWIDE who have been victims of corrupt officers.

Are you really going to deny this issue is and has been a real issue for decades?

Black on black crime is NOT a justification for any of this UNLAWFUL harassment. When EVERY BLACK MAN I know has been stopped and questions and harassed, and some arrested and some assaulted, regardless of age, education, or economic background, sir this has NOTHING to do with the MYTH of “black on black” crime.

There is a profound level of criminality within the white population, YET WE ALL KNOW, if Alton had been a WHITE MAN, he’d be alive today.

If the store owner had been a white man, the officers would have respectfully asked him what happened BEFORE aggressively assaulting a civilian WITHOUT CAUSE.

You know this. I know you know this. We do not condone the deaths of officers. What we are angry about is that when a civilian is killed, by an officer we do not receive the same consideration and justice that a slain officer does.

THAT IS THE PURE EXAMPLE OF INEQUALITY. That is what we are against.

I send my prayers and solidarity to all the families and coworkers of the officers who were killed and the civilians as well.


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