A letter to my daughter in 2016

Hey my beautiful angel,

You know momma is always thinking of our conversations and the beauty of the spirit that you are, and you are on this journey as a somewhat new participant, but baby girl, in these 10 years of life, you have faced enough already and have shown such wisdom in the way you analyze and interpret the events around you. There is a wisdom in youth that is sometimes overlooked because the newest of adventurers aren’t as experienced as others, but that does not mean you don’t have some wisdom.

This wisdom is the clear perception of spiritual eyes that have not been fogged up by traumas or misguided thoughts. You see, in life we learn from experiences, but the reactions we learned to past experiences are often applied too broadly onto future ones. Some of life’s adventurers react too swiftly, and that’s because we are all survivors. So in some instances those swift reactions can mean survival, but you the newer ones can show us the power of stillness and seeing EACH NEW moment for its own unique qualities.

And to see how this new experience might have some similarities to a past one, but there are differences and those differences mean we must clear the fog of the past so we can choose better how to move in THE NOW.

“THE NOW” … let’s talk about that. Baby love, “the now” is a concept that exists because many of us AGREE to accept it. Every thing in “reality” is an agreed upon concept. And the ONLY concepts that “exist” are those present in the now. The past and the future do not exist. The past has many variations because the way it was perceived by those present is different from all others who were there. And as I told you recently, when we study history, we are only creating theories of what may or may not have been. And your theory based on tangible items and words is just as good as any one else’s who didn’t live it.

The future is the same. There are an endless number of possibilities for how the future will be, and your own path is determined more by your thoughts and words than any one else’s. Be strong of will as you always have been. I know you don’t remember this the way I do, but from birth baby girl, you were always STRONG OF WILL. It is YOUR WILL that guides your path. Speak ONLY what you wish to experience. Take actions ONLY for the outcomes you wish to experience.

That is why I ask you to not complain too often. As Maya wrote of her grandmother who said, “Whining is not only graceless it alerts a brute to a potential victim.” There is never anything wrong with releasing your emotions. Sadness, anger, grief. These need to be released and by all means release them. Pour them out and cleanse your spirit of them. But on the day-to-day, for every minor moment of discomfort that you speak of, I ask you to speak 3 positive comments.

If you say “Oh this rain has my hair sticky.” then you must follow it with 3 statements of joy, peace, or happiness. “The rain sparkles like glitter on the Earth.” “The rain smells of new birth” and “The sounds of the storm quiet my spirit.” and in doing that you released your frustration, and refilled your spirit with peace and balance. Keep this habit all of your life.

When I started writing this one, I meant to discuss seeing your own beauty, and I’ll go back to that in the next post, but the Universe spoke and said, right now, THIS is what she and others need to feel and hear.

So from the Universe to all of us, Speak what you wish to experience in this life, release the suffering as needed, and refill with the power of peace and balance.

The battle between Harmony and Chaos continues but we are part of the harmony. Maintain your VIBES and share your vibes.

Peace Salam Om.


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