This one is for the DENIERS against Black Lives Matter

The deniers often say those who were killed were “criminals” or the police were simply responding to call and needed to “question” the person who then presented a threat, and if only they had “complied” they’d be alive today.


and here is the information that deniers need to understand and accept. We of the Black Lives Matter movement ARE NOT supporting criminals and we are not supporting violent offenders. We are SUPPORTING men and women and teens who were NONVIOLENT and not committing a crime.

We also need to REMIND these deniers of a REALITY they do not understand or even know exists: BLACK MEN and sometimes women are REGULARLY stopped, questioned, and harassed by police.

This has been a black man’s reality ever since the end of slavery. It has NOT STOPPED.

So to the deniers, here are the most horrific ends to this ROUTINE harassment. For every ONE of those who died there are at least 100 more who were stopped and terrorized for walking and breathing WHILE BLACK.

Rekia Boyd – killed when asking for help after a car accident

Sandra Bland – killed while in police custody after being assaulted by an officer during a traffic stop for failing to “signal a turn”

Daraneisha Harris – 15 years old – shot through glass of vehicle after wrecking into a ditch while fleeing 2 girls who were trying to beat her

Alton Sterling – killed while he was wrongly approached by officers responding to a call about a different man

Calvin Deal – died due to neglect in the Orleans Parish jail

Victor White – Shot while handcuffed in the back seat of a police unit, He had committed NO CRIME, and the arresting officer had been harassing Mr. White several times in recent past 

Cameron Tillman – 14 years old – killed when he exited an abandoned home he was playing in, after the officer told him to come out. He was killed while COMPLYING !!!

Jordan Davis – shot by a civilian when he refused to turn his music down

John Crawford – killed because he had a toy gun in a WalMart

Javon Rakestrau – tazed to death after being ILLEGALLY stopped and searched as he walked to his mother’s home

Trayvon Martin – killed by a neighborhood watch patrol while returning home after he went to the corner store for a snack

Mike Brown – killed by an officer for walking in the street

Kajeime Powell – killed over $1.00 soda while walking away from police

Philando Castile- killed during a traffic stop for a light out on his car

Eric Garner – choked to death over a citation for cigarettes that didn’t even require arrest at all

Tamir Rice – shot down within 2 seconds of the police arrival while holding a toy gun in his neighborhood playground

Sadly, even this is not a conclusive list. These are simply the ones most fresh in my mind. Many of these happened within my state, but failed to reach national outrage. 

Deniers, instead of believing what you’ve been told about black Americans, SPEAK TO PEOPLE DIRECTLY, and when a black man tells you his reality, DO NOT TELL HIM HE’S WRONG. Do not tell him it’s impossible. Would you want someone telling you that you don’t understand your own life? and your own reality? No. Then don’t tell others what’s “real” for them. 

You haven’t lived it. 


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