Frederick Douglas’ Speech on July 4

Frederick Douglass was asked to read at a 4th of July Celebration in the 1830’s. Danny Glover reads the speech here.
Mr. Douglass faced a volatile world and yet he spoke more directly about injustice than many today … when injustice hits, are u willing to step from behind the computer screen and make ur voice heard???
… 1 in 5 schools have nearly 100 % of their kids in poverty
… 50% of our country make less than $34K a year
… the VOTING rights act was just attacked!!!
…Youth violence is on the increase proving that the teens are attacked by a disease of hopelessness
… We’re infected with the disease but pacifying ourselves …
WEARING A HOODIE in a facebook pic doesn’t mean ur truly angry about what happened to Trayvon if ur doing and saying nothing else…
Will u at least discuss the truth of how u feel in conversations on a regular basis? or is Facebook and Twitter relieving ur concience b/c at least u shared it somewhere?
SPEAK & LIVE for what u believe …
(im not preaching … im also reminding myself … )
We should honor July 4th by using our liberties to DEMAND and MAKE BETTER for our future.
Celebrate Your Independence and Make it Happen


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