Written July 4, 2011

Distorted and I’m picking up mixed signals over static

not from another but from with in me

a scholar of logic

bound by whats common sense

but cant make sense of what should be easy

Twisted like oragami, looking for a way to be undone

A puzzle… I”m more like rubics

Can you solve me?

Distorted, trying to dial into a compatible frequency

Station after station still haven’t found…

Clarity in the sound…


Highs and lows greater than greatest peaks of the earth

no not depression … more like rising and falling of trust

in future plans and so…

i take a step back down to get a clearer view…

yea he’s not a God of confusion

what yall sayin is true… but He aint the one twisted

its me and im seeking His wisdom but he got me thinking

I’m supposed to discover the answer alone

or maybe im supposed to pause… til i find my way … home?

(the following was written while listening to Jean Grae, Blue Sky, and Black Death’s song “Away With Me” )


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