So the racists want all the black and brown people to go back to Asia, Africa and South America, right? The racists want the US and Europe to be just for them, right?

Okay, so let’s say we do that. Let’s say we all go back to the homelands of our ancestors.

Let’s say we go back and REFUSE to trade any of our natural resources, produce, or production with Europe or the US. (We’ll keep doing business with Canada though, cause they seem a little more sane.)

Let’s say that we break off all communications and refuse to allow any of these racists to vacation or visit or even work in Africa, South America or Asia.

Just imagine that for a minute… THAT’S what life was like BEFORE European colonialism. The rest of the world was THRIVING and Europe was in a disastrous situation of need and isolation from the goods they needed.

So, racist people, do you reeeeaaaaalllyyyy wanna go there again? Cause to be honest, the only ones who lose in this situation is … you.


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